I believe every individual is a story. Whether the story is one of restoration from a life that "hit rock bottom" or seemingly had "no meaning," or perhaps a story of a "happy and normal life, yet still felt like something was missing," your life is a story. The story may seem insignificant to you, but it could be the story that brings the hope and healing someone else desperately needs.

"We write music for no purpose other than what you see in this video: to point people to Jesus Christ." 

With a life marked by a pornography addiction, Randy tells how, through the freedom and victory found in Jesus Christ, he will no longer be a slave. 

In the midst of the incredible pain & heartache brought on by the murder of his mother, God found Andrew.

Cocaine, Cancer and Chaos are just a few words to describe the story of Eric. However, the story is not over.

Summitcreek Church is based out of Des Moines, Iowa.
I love the motto of this church:
"When we Live Audaciously and Give Generously, God's potential for our life is within our reach."