Promotional videos are used to give a snapshot and "promotion" of your organization or product, and are ideal for both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Where's My Ammo? is a movement dedicated to ensuring the rights of Americans. 

Ohioans Against Breed Discrimination is a Political Action Committee formed to end Breed Specific Legislation.

15:13 Fitness & Strength is an elite strength and conditioning facility based out of Grafton, OH.

TOPUCU: The Only Person You Cheat Is You

Rekovo: Recovery Reinvented. Changing Traditional Physical Therapy. 

Endeavor Forward is the Incubation & Development arm of Venture Capitalist Firm Solomon Global Holdings.

RELA(NxGen) is a Leadership Development Organization based out of Columbus, OH.

CollegeEase established a platform where beginning a Student’s Freshman year of high school, they can share their academic achievements with Colleges of interest. They’ll get feedback and support from the Colleges that will help them, with the assistance of their High School Counselors, put together a plan for success.

Solomon Global Holdings is a Venture Capitalist Firm based out of Columbus, OH.