A son is who I am.
Storytelling is what I do.

I  have only one non-negotiable in my life:
I  am a follower of Jesus.

I make videos. 
play music.
I write words. 
I talk with people.

I believe that God not only desires a relationship with every individual on this earth, but that they play a part in the most powerful and amazing movement on the face of the earth...the Church. My desire is to simply bring my piece of the puzzle and help others do the same.

I sum it up as: 
"Igniting and Inspiring a Movement..."

Sometimes through video.
Sometimes through music.
Sometimes through writing.
Sometimes through teaching.
Sometimes through a simple conversation.

But regardless of the method, the goal remains the same:
"To Ignite and Inspire a Movement..."

[ PhotoCred: Rick Camacho ]