Patiently Procrastinating

I'm all for "waiting on the LORD".
It's a valid reason for not acting too quickly.

And I know all too well the heartache of not listening to that still, small voice.

But, there is a difference between waiting and delaying.

And if we're not careful, what we call patience can easily slip into procrastination


An ability or willingness to suppress restlessness
Steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity

Put off; postpone; impede process or progress

There. Is. A. Difference.

A common verse used to back this idea of waiting on the LORD is Psalm 46:10:

“Be still, and know that I am God." (ESV)


But I don't believe being still means being stagnant.

That phrase, "be still" could also be translated: 
Let Go, Let Be, Relax

Sometimes, it's not that God wants us to stop acting, but rather to start listening.
To relax and know (trust and believe) that he is God.
To start following and stop trying to figure it out.

Does that mean there is no value in stopping and listening to what the Holy Spirit is whispering? Absolutely not! Honestly, we all could use more of this.
But I am suggesting that we can become far too focused on being practical, and not nearly willing enough to risk what really doesn't matter anyway.
As Perry Noble says, "Sometimes prayer is just an excuse to not do what God is already asking us to do."

Relaxation doesn't always equal the absence of action.
It's possible to be still and striving.
To work and wait.
To patiently progress.

I believe there is often wisdom in waiting.
That it's often in the season of waiting that we learn wisdom.
But we must be careful that "wisdom" isn't an excuse for delayed obedience. 
Because delayed obedience is simply disobedience.

- Just a Thought -


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