Double-Parked Lies

Pulling into the parking lot, I began scoping out which space I would choose.
Opting for the back row and calling upon my reverse parking skills, I made the maneuver.
Then things got interesting...

As I began to back in, I noticed the car next to me seemed unusually far away.
Wondering if I had misjudged, I pulled forward and tried again.
Same thing.

Commence opening car door to double-check yellow boundary lines.
Good to go.

"What's the problem?"

I received my answer as I stepped out of the car: 
The other car was double-parked.    

Interesting how the actions of others can lead us to second-guess our own.
But the truth is, the actions of others are never a foolproof measuring stick.  

This double-parked car caused me to second-guess my parking job.
But it wasn't me who was wrong.

I trusted the lines.

And truth be told, there is only one set of lines that will never lead you astray.
They're the guideLINES that have be around for centuries.
And they're spelled B.I.B.L.E.

Don't use someone else's life to judge your own.
Use the lines. 


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