Influence the Influencer

You have an idea.
A passion.
A dream.
Raging relentlessly as the ocean waves.

You didn't ask for it.
It chose you.
Now holding you captive.
No escape.

You allow yourself to be swept away.
This. Is. It.

One Question: How?
How does the dream become reality?
Quite Simply: Action

Ok, Two Questions: Where?
Where do I begin?

I suggest with the realization that you can't do it alone. 
Anything worth giving your life to must be bigger than you.
And if it's bigger than you, you're gonna need some help.

From Him. From Them.

One Problem: I feel inadequate...
You should.
Because you are.

That's why you need Him. 
That's why you need them.

You need His Power.
You need their help.

Ok fine, Three Questions: Why?
Why do I need them?

You can't do it all.
You can't reach them all.
But what you can't do, someone else can.
Even more, they want to.

Well...Then Back To Question 2: Where?
Where do I begin?

One Thought: 
Influence the Influencer

Multiplication always beats Addition.
Don't add to yourself.
Invest and Influence.
Because who you can't reach and what you can't accomplish, someone else can.

If they have breath, they have influence.
And who they influence may never be who you influence.
But if you influence 1 and they influence 1, do the math...multiplication begins to happen real quick.

And If you're willing to Invest and Influence well, your dream may just become reality.


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