Accomplishing Failure

If you only focus on what you've yet to accomplish, you may miss out on the joy of what you've already accomplished...just ask the Golden State Warriors.

Hashtag ChaseFor73

This crew has a chance to make history tonight.
But whether they do or don't, if you were able to have an honest conversation with a member of that team, I wonder if they might admit that the "pressure" (although some of which may be self-imposed) has robbed them of the joy of what they have already achieved this year: 
24 - 0 to open the season
70+ wins 
Earliest secured playoff spot in NBA history

Anybody who knows anything about basketball will tell you that alone is success.
Success should be enjoyed right?
But is it?
With all the focus aimed on whether or not they will break the all-time wins record set by the Chicago Bulls 20 years ago, I wonder...

Not to mention, "If they don't win the title, the season is a failure."

Don't let what you've yet to achieve rob you of the joy of what you've already achieved. 

We now live in a American culture marked by busyness.
Busyness = Status
Unfortunately, when we are ruled and controlled by time and tasks, we run the risk of completely destroying our perspective.
Healthy perspective is marked by the realization and thankfulness that although we may not be where we want to be, we are not where we used to be.

That's Progress.
Progress = Change.
And Healthy Change should be celebrated and enjoyed.


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