Playlist Worship Leading

I have them : You have them
Some Old : Some New
Some Fast : Some Slow
Some Energetic : Some Intimate

They're Our Favorite Songs

Sometimes for Life.
Sometimes for Moments.

Chances are, you own some sort of hand-held music playback device.
It is no doubt filled with the rhythms and rhymes you seemingly can't live without.
And If you're like me, you've fully embraced the world of playlist.

And why not?
All your hand-picked songs in one easy-to-navigate location.
Custom Ordered.
Tailored to your Mood and Occasion.
Presenting the power to overthrow your Local Radio D.J.

Repeat One.

Repeat All.
Random Shuffle.

What could be better?

Interestingly enough, it seems Church Musicians can too easily adapt this model.

Repeat One
This is my new favorite song. Let's sing it every week.
Repeat All
These are my favorite songs. Let's sing only these.
Let's sing only what is new or what we feel like.

It's brilliant when it's us and the buds in our ears.
But when we're in front of faces, not so much.

The responsibility must change.
Preference must be eclipsed by Position.
It's no longer about me, but about us.

So the next time you have the opportunity to lead a group of people in singing the praises of the only one who is even remotely worthy of such, simply keep the following in mind:
You're Not An iPod. Don't Lead Worship Like One. (Tweet This)

You're not filling time. You're not "
what is supposed to happen before the message". And you're not playing a gig. You're Leading. And where there is leadership worth following, their is an Intentional Destination. And Intentionality doesn't happen Randomly.


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