Fight the Funk

It sneaks up...
Selfishly Stealing.
Indelicately Invading. 
Depressingly Disturbing.


Seemingly joining the scene at the best of times:
The vacation has ended.
The holiday has passed.
The anticipated has faded to the reminisced.
Leaving you to hold the memory of what was and the reminder of what is.

What do we do in these moments?
Here's what I suggest:

1.) Pray
It doesn't have to be eloquent.
It doesn't have to be long.
It doesn't have to be location sensitive.
It simply must be honest.
As a child making his/her request known:
"I'm hungry. Can you please help?!"
See Matthew 6 for more advice.

2.) Play
Do something you enjoy:
Hit the links.
Hit the gym.
Hit the books.
Take a moment to be selfish. It's ok.
If you don't help yourself, you won't be able to help others.
Just ask every flight attendant leading an oxygen mask demonstration.
As my man Greg Ford says, "Become Self-Aware without becoming Self-Absorbed"

3.) Ponder
Remember the good times.
Recall the highlights.
Reminisce about your favorite memories.
I'm amazed by the power of laughter...It's ability to lift a spirit and alter a mood.

Being in a FUNK can be just that...FUNKY
But it's in these moments...these seasons...that we have a choice.
Be Depressed or Be Determined.
Determined to move on.
It's OK to not be OK, but it's not OK to stay that way.


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