Busyness Placebo

Busyness is a placebo.
Provider of a pseudo reality.
The more busy I am, the more important I am.
It's one of the greatest deceits of our time.

The truth is, busyness is no more a true gage of human importance than a spinning wheel is to that of a hamster. Regardless of the number of cycles the little creature might make in a given day, no one in their right mind would say it has any significant impact on the world around them (unless of course they are providing an alternate source of energy ;).
But how often does the same hold true for us? How frequently do we spend our days in the pursuit of that which, in reality, does not matter? Has about as much impact as that of a hamster running in place? Sure, the little guy is busy. After all, he didn't stop working all day. But what difference has he really made?

The point?
Our significance in this life has very little to do with the level of our Busyness. It has everything to do with our level of Effectiveness.

Rank in the company...
Income level...
Volumes sold...
Number of phone calls answered...
Eemails received...
Texts sent...
Followers online...
Blah, Blah, Blah

It all eventually comes to an end.
And when that day comes, if all you've been is busy, you've done nothing more than run circles on your little wheel.
But, if you find a way to harness that same energy to make a difference...make  an impact in the life of someone else...you've just moved from being busy to being effective.
And that's a life worth living.

- In My Opinion -



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