Dad Advice From A Bachelor

I usually prefer the window, but on this particular flight, I was thankful to be one seat over.
As my eyes roamed throughout the aircraft, I couldn't help but notice the gentleman across the aisle, sitting alone, sporting his business-casual attire, holding his infant daughter. 

One of my favorite ways to learn is to simply ask questions of people who have experience in areas I have little to none (in this case, absolutely none).

Leaning across the aisle I asked, "Is she your first?"
"My third" he replied.
"Here's a guy with some experience" I thought.
So I proceeded, "What's one thing you've learned along the way that you would tell an aspiring father?"
Chuckling politely, he responded, "I'll give ya 3."
I found his response quite interesting...

1.) You'll never be ready
2.) It all washes off
3.) Nobody's kids always listen to them

I have absolutely zero experience as a father...but...I have a feeling he's right.

What would you add to the list?

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  1. 1) it's not about me.
    2) It's not about me.
    3) it's not about me