Lead Vocalist ≠ Worship Leader

Worship Leader...Worship Pastor....Lead Vocalist - They're not the same thing.

- Worship Leaders: They lead. They set the tone. They lead by example. They inspire.

- Worship Pastors: They coach. They teach. They train. They equip.

- Lead Vocalist: They make you turn your head and perk up your ear.

Is it possible to be a combination of all three? 
Does being one make you any of the others?

Be honest with yourself. 
Which one are you?
Are you one of them? Two? All three?
Where is your strength?
Which area could use a little more attention?
Do you need to raise someone up or bring someone along to help you with one of the areas?

All three are important and each one, if ignored, has the potential to damage your effectiveness.


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