Happy Birthday to Who?

Happy Birthday to me?

It’s a very popular phrase. If you’re lucky, you hear it once a year and probably say it countless others.

But have you ever thought about it?
I find it a little weird to be honest with you.
We spend the day celebrating someone who actually did very little.
They merely showed up.
They were also kind enough to bring along countless demands...
(food, clothing, shelter, take me here, take me there, pay for this, pay for that…)

I get the reason for celebrating. 
We’re happy that the person we are celebrating is alive, which is definitely valid.
However, I would suggest that in the midst of the celebration, there is one who gets the shaft…


Why don’t we ever give her any credit on the kid’s b-day? 
She’s the one who went through the agonizing pain of bringing the child into the world. 
She spends countless hours taking care of the child. 
And she probably spent a rather large chunk of time planning and organizing the b-day parties for the kid.
And yet…all the focus goes to the kid.
Messed up if you ask me.

So…for me…on this day…the day I came into the world…let me stop and say…

MOM…you rock my face! 

Thanks for putting up with me for the past 27 years. 
Investing countless hours. 
Spending countless dollars. 
Cooking countless meals. 
Doing countless loads of laundry. 
Bringing cookies and donuts to my class on my elementary birthdays.
And of course, for giving birth to me….I’m sure that was a pleasant experience (I’ll never know).
Without you MOM, there is no birthday.

Oh…and kudos to you too DAD! :) 

- I am grateful and thankful for everyone’s b-day wishes. The above is just a thought. - 


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