Lying Lust


I struggle with it.
You struggle with it.
Maybe not for the same thing, but for something.
In a crowd.
It's not a question of if, but a question of when.
I haven't figured out how to stop its onslaught of temptation, and my guess is, you haven't either.

How do you conquer it?
I'm sure praying more helps.
I'm sure reading your Bible more helps.
But what do you do when that doesn't seem to be enough?
What do you do when it begins to overtake your prayer and Bible reading?

I don't have a guaranteed 3 step plan for you.
I'm not sure we'll ever step out of the ring of this brawl.
But I do know this.
As long as you stay in the ring, you've got a shot.
As long as you refuse to be pinned, the match is not over.

How do you stay in the fight? 
Here's one tip that helps me.


I know there are certain things I can't watch.
Certain places I can't go.
Certain situations I can't place myself in.
They do nothing other than give my opponent an advantage.

Stop lying to yourself!
You may need to stop watching...
Stop listening...
Stop going...
Stop doing...
Because it is a big deal.
Because it's doing nothing more than bringing you one step closer to defeat.

Stop lying to yourself!


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