Apparently You Can

“There’s no way I could do that.”
“Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen.”
“I’ll believe it when I see it.”
Ever heard somebody say something like this? 
Ever heard yourself say it?
Focusing on the can’t instead of the can.
What isn’t instead of what is.
On what they think instead of what He thinks.
God plants an idea…a goal…a talent…a gift…a vision within you.
He puts it there for a very specific reason.
However, it never fully comes to life because too much focus is put on the natural instead of the supernatural.
I love this idea from the story in Matthew 25:14-30
He gave…depending on their abilities.” 
Apparently God knows what you and He are capable of.
Who knew? 
So, instead of getting so caught up in yourself and holding on to... 
I'm not Good enough.
Talented enough. 
Pretty enough. 
Popular enough.
Whatever enough.
Realize that God will give you everything you need to do what He is asking you to do. 
And the moment you feel inadequate, know that you are exactly where you need to be. 
When you become underwhelmed with you, become overwhelmed with Him.
Because It's never been about you and it never will be.
You've never been...whatever enough...and you never will be.
But with Him you are everything.

And that's how it should be.


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