Microwave vs Oven

Microwave =
Occupies little space

Oven =
Not so convenient
Occupies a nice chunk of kitchen space

So why would you want to pick the oven over the microwave?
Call me crazy, but I find that things baked in the oven beat the pants off those in the microwave.
Even reheated food comes out of the oven better than the m-wave.

The point?

As we travel this journey and pick up relationships (especially romantically) along the way, let's put 'em in the oven, not the microwave. Sure they may take longer to reach the desired end, but when the finished product arrives, you'll be much more satisfied with the slow baked deliciousness vs the soggy, frozen in the middle, done in 2 minutes product in front of you.


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    1. thanks for the encouragement! would you mind telling me who this is? it posted as a random aol number name or something

    2. Thats for me to know and you to probably not find out!(; Just know that you denied to be my bestfriend!

    3. Still donno who i am? Youll figure it out someday!(;

  2. ah man, i feel like i remember that conversation, but i can't remember who it was with...dahhhhh