I Played at a Church where I Used to be on Staff...Weird?

I played in the band at a church where i used to be on staff...
Surreal? You bet.
Fun to reunite with old friends? Yep.
A little unusual? Perhaps.

I mean, let's be honest.
Typically when you leave a job of any kind, you usually don't go back.
It's awkward.

But I noticed something interesting this past Sunday.
People were glad to see me.
Interested in "what I was up to these days".
Curious if I would be around more.

The point?

It wasn't an issue of, "Well he used to be here, but he left. So we don't want him here anymore."
No one made it awkward.
No one really said anything negative.

Rather, it felt like a church being the Church.

The current worship leader and I used to serve together.
She was in a bind, called me, and I said I would be willing to help out.
That's it.
Nothing territorial.
Not, "This used to be your church, but now it's not, so just stay away."
Not, "Well you're not a part of our team anymore."

It was encouraging.

I think we need more of this.
Not necessarily former staff members returning (I understand that makes this situation unique).
But I do think we need more of churches being willing to help each other out.

It can be easy to say that we're all on the same team.
It can be fun to talk and think about the Church uniting as one.
But it's not always the easiest or most desired thing to do.

I think we need less of...
"Well, they're our drummer."
"They're our worship leader."
"They're our lead guitar player."
And more willingness to help each other out when in need (and in more areas than just music).

This isn't to suggest that we should just forsake our commitment to our local churches.
But it does mean that we could be more willing to resource each other.

Take it for what it's worth to ya…


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