The Worship Leader Without A Mic

- "Hey, thanks for leading us in worship from the drums. 
    When you lifted your hands, I was like, 'ok, yeah, I'm with ya. Let's do this thing.'" 
- "It was so encouraging to see the drummer singing while playing."

I heard these statements from two different churches in a matter of weeks.

The point?

You don't have to be the lead vocalist to be a "worship leader". 

You don't have to have a microphone in front of you. 
You don't have to do anything other than worship and praise your Creator. 

Trust me, people are watching you. 

The moment you step foot on a stage, you gain influence. 
It's cool, sure, but it's also scary and sobering. 
It's a responsibility. 

So next time you find yourself believing you're "just a band member," remember that people are watching you. And you never know who you may lead to the Father by simply expressing your love, worship, praise and gratitude to Him.


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