The Musician Everyone Loves

Want to be someone people love to play with?
Who doesn't cause fellow band members to sigh when they see your name on the roster?
Who doesn't slow down practices?
Who can help take the band to the next level?
Who gets opportunity to use the gift you were created to use?
Who is generally liked by the rest of the band?

Want to be that person?



I had a buddy in college who played drums for a team I was a part of.
One day while chilin' in his dorm room, he let me in on how he prepared.
He would listen to a song 3 times.
     1st: To hear the song
     2nd: Listen for specific drum fills 
     3rd: Just to worship and praise, and get the song into his heart and mind

Let me tell you...
To this day, he still ranks among the top of the list of my favorite people to play with.
If something ever went wrong in practice, it wasn't him.

Want to be someone people love to play with?
show up PREPARED!

Know the songs.
Know the arrangements.
Know your parts.
Know what to play, when to play, and when not to play.
Bring your ideas and creativity, but be PREPARED to submit them to the leadership of the team.
In any and every possible way you can be...
practically, spiritually, physically...

(By now you should have the song "Be Prepared" from the Lion King stuck in your head)

If you're the band leader... 
Don't expect anyone to show up prepared if you don't give them adequate time to prepare. 
Just sayin'.


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