Limitation Lid

I'm not an idiot (most of the time).
I know that when one is using a blender, it's best to keep it covered.

Well, the other day, my kitchen counter looked a little something like the picture you see here.

Now normally I keep the blender covered. 
However, after several seconds, the amount of frozen fruit and other ingredients I put in usually makes the shake thick enough to blend without a lid. 
So, like always, I took the cover off to see how well my shake had blended.
And that's when I heard it…
That little voice inside your head that says, "Hey, you…yeah you. Don't do it."
I didn't listen…
The result was, well, you can imagine. 

The point?

The lid is there for a reason. 
It keeps the mess from happening.

The Lid = Limitation

We don't like limitation. 
It removes our control. 
Causes us to have to surrender. 

Unfortunately, we can take up this same attitude with God and His Word, 
which clearly outlines limitations in this life. 
The thing is, they're not limitations strictly for limitation sake. 
They're not rules. 
They're not "do this cuz i said so…"
They're limitations because He knows the mess we would be in without them.

Sadly, the mess isn't always as easy to clean up as my kitchen.

Don't be afraid to surrender to God's limitations.
They're there to keep you from the mess.


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